ZRD 2016

This day (01.02.2016) marks a memorable decision of the Federal Council of Germany.
That’s why the ZETA-Association proclaimed this day for the rights of Zoophiles, Zoophile Rights Day (ZRD).

On February the 1st in 2013, the Federal Council of Germany rubber-stamped an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act, which contains, in our opinion, a purely political motivated ban of consensual intimate contact between humans and animals. This violation of the human right for free development of personality was established by reason of the assumption that there would be numerous animal brothels in Germany. The Badische Zeitung did some research and in September the 28th in 2012 they published the very revealing article “Are there any animal brothels in Germany?”. None have been found by this day. However, the originally planned ban on castration of male piglets without anesthesia, as well as the ban of branding horses has been moved some years into the future. No need for further explanations. Despite our efforts the legislation ignored us during the whole process and established a law based only on moral principles to supress and criminalize a minority, which is unconstitutional in the eye of some liberal legal practitioners.

This law is counterproductive in it’s current form and creates a dangerous example.

As an association for the interests of zoophile people, we are committed to:

results-oriented politics without blind activism
decriminalization and a support of scientific studies of the phenomenon zoophilia
a society with a secular morality, whose goal is the welfare of all living beings
a respectful approach to the personality and sexuality of all creatures

During this year there will be a panel discussion on the topic. In previous years we always had held a panel discussion and a demonstration in Berlin in time for the ZRD . For organizational and climatic reasons, these will now be moved to the warmer months.