ZRD 2016

1. February 2016 masterxa 0

This day (01.02.2016) marks a memorable decision of the Federal Council of Germany. That’s why the ZETA-Association proclaimed this day for the rights of Zoophiles, Zoophile Rights Day (ZRD). On February the 1st in 2013, […]

Animal Welfare

Guest Submission: The Law in Canada

31. January 2016 masterxa 0

Introduction In the winter of 2015­-2016, Canada has been forced to re­open some of the debate around its bestiality laws. The question before the Supreme Court of Canada is “Does bestiality require the penetration of […]

Animal Welfare

Castration: without an alternative in the US?

23. January 2016 Meo 0

As Neutering and Spaying still is a hot topic in the world of animal protection and we also reported on current scientific developments, we asked the major animal protection services in the USA to give us […]

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