Zooier Than Thou

A few weeks ago, the makers of the first zoosexual podcast “Zooier Than Thou” asked us if we would like to talk about our experiences with public relations in the next episode. Of course, while we were preparing for the interview, it turned out that we had so much to tell each other that one episode would be far from sufficient. And since we got along very well on the whole, we also agreed on further, deeper cooperation.

Zooier Than Thou was started by Douglas LeConte Spink (Fausty), who went through a tough time for being a zoophile and even went to jail for it. During that time many lies were spread about him as well. Fausty did not retire after his prison sentence, but instead deliberately sought to educate the public about zoophilia. Among other things he had many conversations with the journalist Carreen Maloney, so that his story was finally published in the book “Uniquely Dangerous” .

A month ago Fausty died of cancer. Inviting zoos from other countries to join his podcast and especially interviewing our founding member Michael Kiok was one of Fausty’s goals. Now the first episode with Michael and Komet is online. More will surely follow.

And may Faustys memory be a blessing to us all.