Surely you have already noticed that here it is possible on this blog, to comment on articles. Unfortunately, there is – as with so many things – the risk that this function is being abused. Therefore, the blog from now on will be moderated. That is, the notices dispatched by readers comments are initially invisible until you possibly from us. Be unlocked.
In connection with the comment function and our experience so that we found ourselves compelled, however, to set up some rules of conduct governing their use. According to these rules will unfortunately each comment can not be unlocked, but we will strive all incoming with us to edit comments and to find a satisfactory solution for all parties. Not activated comments will be answered, for example, via e-mail.

We would be delighted if all users adhere to the following rules of etiquette.

1. insults and condescending comments are not gedultet.
2. Please stay on topic!
If you want an opinion of the Association to another topic, would like to draw personal questions to the author or general questions or suggestions relating to the blog, the website or the club,  ask us via our contact form.
3. Discussions are limit! Sprawling discussions are after 2nd anyway hardly possible, but we would also find no Kindergarten Komentá?e
(Yes … No … But … Is probably … Are we not … you are!)
4. Please refrain from insinuations, discrimination, accusations and suspicions
(Animal rights activists are all criminals! / Zoophile all animal abusers!).
5. The moderation team reserves the right, etc., before activation to remove off-topic passages, insults from the comments.
Of course, we are doing watch carefully not to distort the message of the author. Deleted passages are made by us indicated.