Welcome to the blog of the ZETA-Association !

This blog is a supplement to the homepage of the ZETA-association. Statementes here of the association are to be outsourced to current events, so that the website does not permanently lose its clarity.

Basically, it is up to each ZETA club member, to register with this blog with its own account and expound his personal views on current issues. Such a demonstration, we would like to point out that this opinion quite well may turn out a little emotional, as long as it naturally does not exceed a certain limit. Moreover, it is of course also possible that the individual statement of a member with the opinion of the Association Board and / or other members is not always entirely compliant.
The bottom line of this blog is to offer the reader the opportunity behind the club know each person closer and to learn more about their individual attitudes and goals.

If you encounter while reading on a topic on which you would like to contribute something, then you are invited to take this opportunity sincerely to comment on our products. However, we kindly ask you about themselves while keeping the common netiquette. Of course, we are always ready to accept and objective criticism. Personal hostility, however, are a little dialogue conducive. Please also refrain from unnecessarily divert from the topic in your comments. If necessary, be why we must refrain from (of course, in this case with a corresponding warning) to remove relevant passages of your text or the entire comment.

We look forward to your visit and wish you an enjoyable read!