Young Finn

hot times near the polar circle

In Finland they are also planning a new version of the animal protection law.

Our adversaries of #OpNullDenmark are haunting the politicans there with their untenable innuendoes, like they did in other countries before.

But, unlike in the rest or Europe except Germany, there a group of zoophiles has raised to fight against these aims to criminalize them. Here we now present the first TV-contribution of our brave friends. Another filmed report from Finnish TV, which was recorded with members of ZETA, can be found here. The very active Finnish zoophiles have announced their opinion on this topic to the committee, which outlines the new animal protection law (english) . Another scandinavian posted this interesting article on youtube.

We know that with the right word at the right time much can be moved and we would like to see contributions from Hungary and the Vatican. Together we could change the public view on zoophilia and achieve at least tolerance.

Postscriptum: Recently the Finnish group that calls themselves Suomen Eläintenystävien Foorumin (SEF), has sent a second statement to the committee, which can be found here in Finnish and English.